Howard and WorkChoices gone

Howard and WorkChoices gone – thanks to the solidarity of Aussie working families

The Tasmanian branch of the AMIEU thanks its members and their families for being a part of a 3 year plan to axe Howard and his cronies who introduced the most extreme anti worker industrial laws this country has ever seen since 1905.

Workers who played a key role in helping get rid of WorkChoices were honoured by a formal vote of appreciation at December’s meeting of the ACTU EXECUTIVE.

Campaign community coordinators for Bass CINDY O’CONNOR and Braddon’s JILL BATT were the principal architects of their electorates. Their tireless enthusiasm to generate regional committee activists over the last 2 years needs to be recognised.

Our State Executive appreciates their commitment to our well earned victory.

We now have a clear mandate for the ripping up of Work choices and our new DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard is in the process of drafting a much fairer system for workers and business.