Industrial front – retail supermarkets

It has recently come to our attention that certain store managers are threatening termination of employment if meat department employees do not agree with rosters being proposed by the company.  Your union the AMIEU has had numerous discussions over the years with middle and senior management about the interpretation of our AGREEMENTS. The rostering principle sections in our view are clear, that is the company CANNOT force an employee to agree to a future roster, the company must take into account an employees personal circumstances and consult the employee concerned if proposing a new roster.  The company cannot change a roster to avoid paying weekend penalties nor can the company change a roster with out giving the employee appropriate notice.   We have been informed that managers are standing over staff and have also threatened outsourcing of work to other companies if employees do not agree with changes to working hours.
The AMIEU has contacted regional management about our concerns. The companies are now investigating our claims.  We have met with senior management about this issue.

Tools of Trade
The other issue of concern is Woolworths not providing tools of trade to butchers when existing tools become unserviceable. For example a butcher requested a certain brand of knife from the company recently and should have been provided with their request, they SHOULD NOT have been given the run around by the company. It is an Occupational Health and Safety issue. It has been suggested by senior members of our union that in the future if the company cannot provide members requests we should claim tool allowance again and purchase our own tools. This would be a good decision as your union now supplies all tools of trade at cost price to members. Once we have met with management on these issues we will inform members of the outcome.