Industrial front – Selbourne Biological Services

This site generally processes blood products for pharmaceutical purposes and resides at Longford. Recently we were contacted by concerned members that had been informed their jobs were being made redundant due to an export order falling through. Two of our members who worked in the raw material department were offered their base entitlements of annual leave accruals and 4 weeks notice with a couple of weeks redundancy.  We disputed the offer and secured another 7 weeks pay for our members concerned. This company however did not offer the department manager a redundancy; they offered him a kangaroo court termination based on some concocted conspiracy theory of exposing secret documents to a competitor.

The department manager was also a member of ours, at the writing of this newsletter the workplace ombudsman and our federal union were investigating alleged breaches of the Workplace Relations Act and we are pursuing underpayments of long service leave entitlements, redundancy and sick leave accruals. This employer generally states itself as one of those places that is award free and in our view exploits this with its employees. Other employees at this workplace should take note that they could be next and it’s in there best interests to join the union.