Workers’ Compensation – Return-to-Work Plans

Recently there has been a number of enquiries by members seeking advise on their legal rights in relation to “Return to Work Plans”.

Some employers whether they are self insured or covered by insurance companies are trying to pressure injured workers into signing off on their return to work plans.

There is no legal requirement to sign off on anything in relation to these plans and we advise members to sign nothing.  Your medical practitioner is the authority for signing these plans and your employer knows this, so don’t be pressured.  If you are contact us as soon as possible.  Rehabilitation Coordinators should be acting in your best interest.  If they are not you have the right to change coordinators.

A question was asked recently as to whether the rehab coordinator was allowed to attend doctor’s appointments with the injured worker?  The answer is yes but only if the injured worker agrees.  If the injured worker feels uncomfortable with the rehab coordinator being there they can refuse the rehab coordinator to attend the same appointment.  The rehab coordinator can then make their own appointment with the doctor treating the injured worker.