Tools for sale – members only

The Union office stocks a wide range of knives, steels, stones and other tools for its members at wholesale or below wholesale prices.

  • We stock a large variety of Geisser, Victorinox, Victory and Dexter Russell knives, along with Cambrian, Dick, Dickeron and Geisser steels of various grades from course to fine to superfine to polished.
  • We stock diamond steels and sharpeners and various sharpening stones in both oil or non oil variety and oxide.
  • This is purely a service arrangement to members and we use our bulk buying ability to secure the best prices for our members.  Phone us for a full price list.
  • Why pay retail or contribute to someone’s profit margins when you can buy from the union which creates turnover that enables us to get even better prices.
  • Ask your union official or delegate about our tools or contact the union office to purchase these tools.
  • Purchases can be made by cash or direct debit.