Union poem


We’ll build a mighty union

Throughout the Commonwealth

To stand up for the workers

Against those who rob by stealth.


Black and white will gather

Men and women too

Old and young together

Will build this world anew.


Fighting for the rights we’ve won

That they would take away;

Fighting for each other

Our union’s here to stay


In our mighty union

There’s room for everyone

We want bread and roses

And our place in the sun.


The boss’s class wants workers

Bowing to their will

We’ll tell them they can stick it

That we are fighting still.


They’ll not lash us to their yoke

We’ll stand solid like a tree

They’ll never break our struggle

United in our dignity.


We’ll safeguard the workers

Confined to the scrap heap:

They’ll not conscript the unemployed

To get workers on the cheap.


Rich and poor together

Town and country too,

Single parents and their kids

Will build this world anew.


Yes, we’ll build a mighty union

Throughout this wide brown land,

Each of us together

Will make them understand.


Workers are not fodder

Australians are not fools

We’re flesh and blood and feelings

Not their lifeless tools.


John Tomlinson

Via www.nit.com.au