WorkChoices – never again!

Australian workers will suffer cuts to their pay and conditions and lose protection from unfair dismissal under Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s plan to bring back Work Choices, warns a new national union TV ad campaign.



Tony Abbott will bring back Work Choices

ACTU Fact Sheet, accessed 8 March 2010

The Liberals’ WorkChoices

The Howard Government never obtained a mandate from voters for WorkChoices. Read More...

Gillard buries WorkChoices – unions not convinced

The Fair Work Bill has passed through the Senate, after the Government reached an agreement with Senator Steve Fielding on phasing-in its definition of small business for unfair dismissal purposes.

The deal means the Government can stick to its timetable of having its key IR changes – including to unfair dismissal and bargaining – operational on July 1, while the modern awards system and the NES will take effect from January 1 next year.


Labor release IR policy

A Rudd Labor Government’s IR system will provide a safety net comprising 10 legislated minima, plus up to 10 further minimum conditions within awards, the Opposition has announced. Labor’s IR policy, forward with Fairness, released by the newly elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at the ALP’s national conference in Sydney last April, provides that the 10 minima (the National Employment Standards) would be guaranteed, and couldn’t be contracted out of by agreement. Read More...

Howard and WorkChoices gone

Howard and WorkChoices gone – thanks to the solidarity of Aussie working families

The Tasmanian branch of the AMIEU thanks its members and their families for being a part of a 3 year plan to axe Howard and his cronies who introduced the most extreme anti worker industrial laws this country has ever seen since 1905. Read More...

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