Occupational Health & Safety for Meat Workers

AMIEU Occupational Health & Safety In The Meat Industry

Web site established by AMIEU for Meat Workers

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Finacial Statement June 2014-2015

Financial statement June 2014

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Compensation advice

Report all accidents to your employer, no matter how trivial, without waste of time.
Don’t take time off work on sick pay because of the higher rate of pay.
Don’t sign any documents which might release your employer from responsibility.
Don’t attempt to cover up an injury in order to maintain “accident-free days” and so collect a chicken […]

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Workers’ Compensation – Return-to-Work Plans

Recently there has been a number of enquiries by members seeking advise on their legal rights in relation to “Return to Work Plans”.

Some employers whether they are self insured or covered by insurance companies are trying to pressure injured workers into signing off on their return to work plans.

There is no legal requirement to sign […]

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Sometimes it’s OK to say “No!”

Machinery used in meat processing can be bloody dangerous!

Many horrific injuries have occurred in the meat industry that were caused by machines invented to assist in the cutting up of animals after they are dead.

These machines are just as effective on live humans as they are on dead animals!

Machines designed to saw animals in half […]

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Employee Safety Representatives = Union business

Just like a delegate or shop steward, the role of the Employee Safety Representative (ESR) represents workers. Unlike delegates and shop stewards, not all ESR’s are union members.

In fact, many workplaces don’t have an ESR. A state WorkCover Authority estimates that only about 20% of workplaces have ESR’s. Yet the ESR is a legislated and […]

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WSPA video with Grant Courtney

Watch what Grant Courtney, Federal President of the AMIEU has to say about live exports, jobs, and the eonomy.

For more information or to join this cause visit

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Vale Tom Hannan

Vale Tom Hannan

Always remembered as the workers’ friend

Members have learned of the recent passing of the AMIEU former Federal Secretary. Terrence Richard Hannan, known to us all as Tom passed away last Thursday, 14th April, 2011 aged 73 years.

Tom was a mentor and friend; it is hard to believe that he has gone. He will […]

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Live export, exports jobs


Save your job in five steps:

Learn the facts
Phone your local talk back radio station
Write a letter to your local newspaper
Ring another station and write another letter
Get involved in local actions

For more information visit:

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WorkChoices. Never again! Abbott facts

WorkChoices took away the rights of working Australians.

Todays Liberal leader Tony Abbott was a key Minister in the former Liberal Government that introduced WorkChoices. Now, he wants to bring it back. He just wont call it WorkChoices.

Join the campaign – visit

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