WorkChoices – never again!

Australian workers will suffer cuts to their pay and conditions and lose protection from unfair dismissal under Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s plan to bring back Work Choices, warns a new national union TV ad campaign.



Tony Abbott will bring back Work Choices

ACTU Fact Sheet, accessed 8 March 2010

The Liberals’ WorkChoices

The Howard Government never obtained a mandate from voters for WorkChoices. Read More...

Generosity leaves little room to move

By Brienna Snare

Generous union members have raised $21,000 and gathered items to send a little comfort to children affected by the bushfires in Victoria.

The Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union and the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union forestry and furnishing products division have generated the funding. Read More...

Individual transitional employee agreements (ITEA’s) fail new test

Many workers are seeing the new ITEA’s they have signed fail the no disadvantage test.

What’s going on? 

When John Howard introduced AWA’s in 1997 employers were given the greatest advantage they had seen since the federation of Australian.  They were given the ability to write individual contracts for workers without any regard to the awards that applied anywhere in Australia.  Read More...

Harvey Beef in wages struggle

In an all too familiar sounding ploy these days, the owners of Harvey Beef in Western Australia have sacked over 150 of their employees whilst negotiating new terms for an enterprise agreement.

The sackings came after the workforce voted down a proposal by the company that would have slashed wages and conditions at the plant.  Read More...

Gillard buries WorkChoices – unions not convinced

The Fair Work Bill has passed through the Senate, after the Government reached an agreement with Senator Steve Fielding on phasing-in its definition of small business for unfair dismissal purposes.

The deal means the Government can stick to its timetable of having its key IR changes – including to unfair dismissal and bargaining – operational on July 1, while the modern awards system and the NES will take effect from January 1 next year.


Australian meatworks should employ local workers first

“Australian meatworks should employ local workers first”: Minister Evans

After uncovering a racket of illegal foreign workers in the Australian meat industry, the Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans has called upon employers to look towards local workers first.

Senator Evans is urging employers to exhaust local labour supplies first in response to the increasing levels of unemployed Australians during the global crisis. Read More...