WSPA video with Grant Courtney

Watch what Grant Courtney, Federal President of the AMIEU has to say about live exports, jobs, and the eonomy.

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Live export, exports jobs


Save your job in five steps:

Learn the facts
Phone your local talk back radio station
Write a letter to your local newspaper
Ring another station and write another letter
Get involved in local actions

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WorkChoices. Never again! Abbott facts

WorkChoices took away the rights of working Australians.

Todays Liberal leader Tony Abbott was a key Minister in the former Liberal Government that introduced WorkChoices. Now, he wants to bring it back. He just wont call it WorkChoices.

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WorkChoices – never again!

Australian workers will suffer cuts to their pay and conditions and lose protection from unfair dismissal under Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s plan to bring back Work Choices, warns a new national union TV ad campaign.



Tony Abbott will bring back Work Choices

ACTU Fact Sheet, accessed 8 March 2010

The Liberals’ WorkChoices

The Howard Government never obtained a mandate from […]

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